ADR & Arbitration

Due to floodgates of costly litigation and complex procedures for resolving the dispute through [more...]

Power & Energy Law

Our Services to the Energy sector are highly valued, we advise and represent various energy [more...]

Taxation and Customs

The firm possesses extraordinary expertise in legal matters pertaining to the area of tax law.[more...]

Commercial Litigation

The firm is representing clients before all forums of law in Pakistan (SECP to Supreme Court [more...]

Corporate Consultant

We advise clients on legal matters from both the Public and Private Sector. We draft [more...]

Technology and E-Commerce Law

With ever developing market for technology and e-commerce, government is enunciating [more...]

Family Law

Services pertaining to Divorce, Khula, Maintenance, Guardianship, Custody, Succession, [more...]

Employment and Service Law

Service matters relating to pension, employment, service, dismissal, [more...]

Cyber Crime Law

We are well versed with the complexity in the area of Cyber Crime Laws [more...]

Aviation Law

We are dealing in Aerospace Law & Contracts, Aviation Accidents, Airworthiness [more...]

Land & Revenue Law

Our firm has excelled in Land and Revenue matters and holds high repute for expertise [more...]

Civil Litigation

We represent individual and corporate clients in their civil matters. We have a qualified [more...]

Criminal Litigation

Our firm is engaged in representing high profile clients in matter pending before the [more...]

Public Interest Litigation & Environment Law

The firm has been very active in recent years [more...]

Intellectual Property

Securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works. [more...]