Curbing the menace of plastic pollution through public interest litigation

We are pleased to announce that Zafar Iqbal & Co. has filed a petition in public interest to curb the menace of single use plastic. We took the case as a probono, considering that issue at hand for the well-being of humanity and public at large, earth and the environment. Being members of legal fraternity and responsible citizens, we took up the matter of gross violation of fundamental rights of the citizens under Article 199 of The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan before the Honorable High Court.

The Lahore High Court considering the severity of the matter constituted a full bench to adjudicate upon the case. Not only the relevant government departments were made party but we ensured that three multinational beverage companies operating in Pakistan be issued notices for the plastic pollution caused by their products, not only in Pakistan but globally.

On the second date of hearing, the bench disappointed by the inaction of the government departments and poor representation, summoned, Chief Secretary Government of Punjab to appear in person and for the Advocate General to appear personally along with relevant Secretaries of respondent government departments.

On the following date, Advocate General Punjab along with Chief Secretary, Government of Punjab apprised the Court on the legislation with regards to ban on Polythene/Plastic bags which is in the pipeline and sought six weeks’ time to produce the same before the Court and urged that since plastic bag industry is contributing to the national exchequer it would cause great harm to the economy if the Honorable Court passed an injunctive order. The Bench remarked that since human health and life is at stake, only four weeks’ time would be granted to the Government to come up with a law after which court adjourned the case for four weeks.

Subsequently, one of the partners was invited by the Secretary Environment Protection Department and Director General Environment Protection Agency for a stakeholder consultative meeting on the law being prepared. In this regard, the partner ensured complete assistance on the petitioner's behalf and now jointly a draft law has been prepared for not just eradicating the menace of plastic bags but single use plastic bags in totality. The Court is soon to take up the case again where the draft would be presented and hopefully through our petition, single use plastic will be eradicated from our environment.

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